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About Me
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About Me

Mission Statement: My mission is to be the catalyst in the reaction that synthesizes wellness. I aim to catalyze this reaction by serving as an influential health/wellness, fitness, and biohacking advocate.

Chloe Porter, the CEO and Founder of The Synthesis of Wellness LLC, is an extraordinary figure in the realms of health, wellness, and biohacking. Her exceptional journey, marked by resilience and tenacity, has shaped her into a highly sought-after expert. A research scientist with published scientific literature behind her name, an engineer, and an accomplished author, Chloe boasts a diverse background that uniquely positions her in the wellness industry.


What further distinguishes Chloe is her remarkable journey, one marked by profound challenges that led to her authoring the groundbreaking book, "75 Gut-Healing Strategies & Biohacks." This literary achievement, underscored by an impressive 200 scientific research citations, has earned accolades from leading doctors and gastroenterologists. Chloe's motivation to pen this book was deeply personal, stemming from her own battle with a brain tumor and the complexities of Lyme Disease and CIRS-WDB.


Chloe's determination in the face of adversity not only led her to become one of the youngest female biohackers to date but also fueled her passion for advancing the field of health and wellness optimization.

My Manifesto

I believe that health starts with your mind: your mentality, how you speak to yourself, and how you take care of your fleeting thoughts and emotions.

I believe in the importance of being in tune with your mind and body.

And, as a supplement to the above statement, we believe biohacking tools and practices can help offset the daily distress of modern society.

I believe in connecting with the earth, accepting sunshine as a primal gift, and finding flow like the ocean.

I believe in seeking adventure in being active but embracing mindfulness in times of much needed rest and rejuvenation.


I believe that our bodies need many different types of rest every day, and we further believe in the healing properties of sleep.

I believe in a dietary lifestyle that focuses on fostering a diverse gut microbiome, maintaining insulin sensitivity, lowering inflammation, balancing hormones, and reducing environmental toxins.

Lastly, I believe in wellness and that there is no better way to cultivate self-love than to engage in and prioritize practices that promote overall health.

Yours with love,

Chloe Porter

CEO & Founder of The Synthesis of Wellness LLC & Host of The Synthesis of Wellness Podcast

Health Research Scientist


Author: 75 Gut-Healing Strategies & Biohacks


And Fashion Model


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