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How to Synthesize Wellness (AKA Our Manifesto):

We believe that health starts with your mind: your mentality, how you speak to yourself, and how you take care of your fleeting thoughts and emotions.

We believe in the importance of being in tune with your mind and body.

And, as a supplement to the above statement, we believe biohacking tools and practices can help offset the daily distress of modern society.

We believe in connecting with the earth, accepting sunshine as a primal gift, and finding flow like the ocean.

We believe in seeking adventure in being active but embracing mindfulness in times of much needed rest and rejuvenation.

We believe that our bodies need many different types of rest every day, and we further believe in the healing properties of sleep.

We believe in a dietary lifestyle that focuses on fostering a diverse gut microbiome, maintaining insulin sensitivity, lowering inflammation, balancing hormones, and reducing environmental toxins.

Lastly, we believe in wellness and that there is no better way to cultivate self-love than to engage in and prioritize practices that promote overall health.


Chloe Porter

CEO and Founder: The Synthesis of Wellness LLC

Host: The Synthesis of Wellness Podcast

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