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The Science Behind How Binaural Beats Work: 

Binaural beats are an auditory phenomenon that involves playing two slightly different frequencies in each ear simultaneously. When these two frequencies are heard by the brain, it perceives a third tone, which is the mathematical difference between the two frequencies. This newly perceived tone is the binaural beat. When the brain processes this beat, it synchronizes neural activity between the left and right hemispheres, leading to the entrainment of brainwave patterns to the frequency of the binaural beat.


With that said, it is recommended that headphones are used when listening to binaural beats in order for the different frequencies to be delivered to the left and right ear separately. 


Using Delta Waves:

Delta waves, the slowest and most profound brainwave frequency, hold a unique and significant place in the realm of neuroscience and holistic well-being. These rhythmic oscillations, typically ranging from 0.5 to 4 Hz, are associated with deep sleep, rejuvenation, and the body's natural healing processes. Often referred to as the "healing waves," delta waves play a crucial role in promoting physical restoration, emotional balance, and cognitive renewal.

30 Minute Binaural Beat (Delta Wave) Meditation

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